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Costa Rica - Bodhi Tree 2022

Join us in the tranquility of the Nosara Jungle at Bodhi Tree Resort where luxury meets renewal. Treat yourself to 6 nights in Costa Rica surrounded by natures wonders, reconnecting to self and source. Registration opens soon, join our waitlist to gain first access to this exclusive yoga retreat! 

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Life Changing Wellness Retreats

Travel with intention + reconnect to source. Experience transformation through deep rejuvenation and tranquility on my carefully curated yoga retreats. Retreat offerings range from single day domestic adventures to week long immersions in extraordinary destinations across the globe. 

Yoga Teacher Mentoring & Coaching

Are you a yoga instructor looking to revamp your teaching? I offer mentorship and coaching to teachers of all walks of life. Through my mentorship programs we focus on reconnecting you with your WHY, encouraging you to get creative and help you build the backend of your business so you can market yourself and create your dream life. 

Privates, Parties & Events

Bachelorette parties, leadership weekends, beach yoga, one-on-one privates, breweries, retreats, you name it I have done it. Yoga is the perfect addition to any gathering. I offer a range of classes from rejuvenating breath work to calming meditations to upbeat fun and creative flows and everything in between. 


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What they're saying

Kierstie led a Restorative Yoga and mindfulness class for my team of Beautycounter Consultants this weekend. It was a beautiful class and we all felt refreshed re-invigorated and blissful! I highly recommend Kierstie!!! Namaste!

Aimee Swanson

Kierstie embodies joy and energy, which she brings to each and every yoga session. Her classes are exhilarating and transformative, she has an ineffable energy which elevates me as a student. After her class I always feel revitalized, grounded, open hearted and grateful. The world needs more Kiersties in it.

Gillian Fortson

I am so blessed to have found a great yoga teacher like Kierstie. First, her warm and welcoming energy makes all levels of yogis feel comfortable. Second, her classes are full of fun, challenging, energetic flows; with plenty of slow down time to lead into an excellent shavasana. I always leave class feeling more calm, centered and prepared for the day ahead.

Carrie Duranceau

There are many things I love about Kierstie’s classes but what stands out is her enthusiasm for teaching. Her sequences are incredibly innovative and dynamic. You never know what is coming next but you inevitably feel stronger and serene. She is thoughtful about her clients’ needs and her emphasis on breath and meditation help make a more rigorous flow feel seamless. I look forward to her creative and energizing classes.

Larissa Tekerain

I absolutely love Kierstie’s yoga classes. She has such a calming presence. I always feel so relaxed and rejuvenated after her class. Kierstie is always bursting with energy and makes all of her students feel special. Thanks for showing me the light and love of yoga!

Emily Baeza

Kierstie’s classes are exactly what you need. They are challenging both for your body and your mind, yet the way she takes you through that perfect flow, it makes you forget about everything else and just be present on your mat, which is exactly what you want from a yoga class. Best of all is, that once you’re done, and come out of savasana, you’ll feel so peaceful and calm it is crazy magical. Long story short, you’ll always be looking forward to her classes and great energy. Namaste!

Estefania Levy

Kierstie is one of my favorite yoga teachers because of her energy she brings to class, the fun flows she’s prepared, and her overall compassion for yoga and to her students as well. Whenever I had a bad day or just feeling down, I would go to her classes and I would leave feeling relaxed and energized. She has a way of making me forget my problems and just breath through the poses without dwelling on my bad day. You will not be disappointed and should definitely go to one of her classes ASAP and fall in love with her teaching style like I have!

Twilight Cadena

If you want to experience real yoga, attend Kierstie’s class. No matter how you walk in there, you will leave feeling so much better physically and mentally. Every class is different and she always challenges you with new moves while she always helps you to adjust them with your strength and limitations. She is always pleasant, sweet and caring. I love her classes and I highly recommend her for any level of yoga for everyone.

Maryam Jahani