My Bio

Kierstie has been a yoga practitioner throughout most of her life. She has an extensive fitness background from her experience as a national level competitive gymnast as well as a BA in Psychology. She has combined her love for movement of the physical body with her interest in personal development and mindset to build a repertoire of holistic healing skills. Kierstie has completed several in-depth yoga trainings ranging from extensive Yoga Philosophy, Meditation, Yin Yoga, Baptist Power Yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Hatha, Bhakti (Karma) Yoga, Chakra Alignment, Spiritual life coaching, etc. Kierstie prides herself on always being a student of the practice first and continuously seeks mentorship and knowledge to continue to elevate and evolve her teaching. Kierstie’s unique style focuses on transforming and encouraging students to remember their internal power and seek their utmost authentic selves. She is known for her upbeat, strong and dynamic vinyasa classes and her thought-provoking meditations, her classes are inspired by the ancient traditions of yoga while also combining new age philosophies with her fun, lighthearted spirit. Kierstie is a nature fanatic, world traveler, and dog lover who vows that yoga has awakened her connection with herself and source. Kierstie strives to help elevate the consciousness of the planet and to remind us that we are all divinely connected and have the power to restore purpose, peace, and balance within ourselves and in tune with the entire universe.

Who am I?

I am originally from Austin, Texas and now currently reside in San Diego, California with my Brazilian husband and adorable pup named Cosmo. I  am a travel enthusiast and enjoy anything and everything outdoors. I love to write, read, talk about dreams, life, and all things magical. I value genuine connection and deep soulful relationships. I have a care free, wild and overly-loving energy about me. I love spontaneity and adventure yet also routine and relaxation. I am huge on self-care, introspection and living like there is no tomorrow. I am always learning and seeking and although I am a yoga instructor I am forever a student of the practice first and foremost. If you hang out with me long enough you will start to believe you are capable of anything. I love you. Just know that.

My Story

My yoga journey started after my 14 years as a competitive gymnast, I needed something that was more gentle and nurturing to heal my overworked body. At first I did yoga specifically for the physical benefits (asana). It wasn’t until many years later when I was going through a specifically rough patch in life that I needed something more. I first found breath (pranayama) and how it was able to pull me out of my head and back into the present moment. I then dove into self study (Svādhyāya) to try and unravel the layers of my mind that were holding me back from being who I was. With time my yoga practice on my mat walked off with me and became my life. The awakening I received through this transformation quite literally saved me. It has put me in a place where I am overwhelmed with gratitude, confidence and joy daily. When things get messy again, I now have the tools to convert my fear and anxiety into lessons and understanding. This is a spiritual practice for me, and every day I am connected deeper with my own truth and the oneness of the universe. Thank you yoga.

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